Bridge Construction

Posted By on August 2, 2023

Dear Homeowners/Residents:
This letter is being provided to you on behalf of the Board of Directors (“Board”) of Quail Creek-La Paz Condominium Association (“Association”) to update you on the need for certain changes to the pedestrian bridge located near the top of the development and the walkway from the bridge towards certain residences.

As you know, the Board, on behalf of the Association, has a duty to maintain and repair the common area elements. When maintenance and repair is not enough, the common area elements must be replaced. The bridge is one such common area element for which the Association has these duties (see Article I, Section 1.15 and Article II, Section 2.7 of the CC&Rs).

When the Board commissioned the necessary repairs to the bridge two years ago, the expectation was that there would only be repairs needed. However, once the contractor began the work, the Board was informed that the bridge was actually beyond repair and would need to be replaced. In accordance with its duties, the Board approved the replacement of the bridge. In order to replace the bridge, the Association was required to commission plans for city approval that complied with the city’s construction requirements. Typically, the city requires a gap of at least 18 inches between the surface of the stream and the bottom of a bridge. In this case, the Association was able to secure city approval for a shorter gap of 12 inches, but the bridge could not be constructed lower than that. This is why there is a height difference between the former bridge and new one.

The new walkway was installed in a different direction in order to meet slope requirements, which were determined by the height of the new bridge. The Board requested to have a walkway installed where the former walkway was removed. However, the Board was advised that the slope in that area is greater than what the city currently allows. This is also why it was removed; connecting it to the new walkway would apparently cause the new walkway to fall out of compliance with the slope requirements. At this time, the Board is looking into alternative options for that walkway area. An update will be provided to you once one is available.

We recognize that this project may have caused you inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding as we develop our aging community’s components in accordance with current municipal codes and ordinances.

Thank you,